Cross Roller Linear Guides
Introducing Cross Roller Linear Guides

Our guidings consist of two stainless steel rails with V-grooves that have been hardened and precisely ground, and roller cages. The rollers move 90 degrees alternately to meet the requirements of high parallelism and high flatness. The variation caused by the frictional resistance is also small, even almost no difference between the starting frictional resistance and the low-load dynamic frictional resistance. They have a high load capacity, rigidity and precision.

Advantages of GMT and Hönger® linear guides
  • Suitable for short stroke applications
  • Stability at low speed
  • High rigidity and high load capacity
  • Quiet operation
Available Options
Precision levels: Precision, High
GRV-S: Stainless steel
GRVP: POM cages
KS: cage control (for type RN / RNG)
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GMT Linear Guides
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Hönger Guide Rails
Consider our products as an alternative

Are you looking for alternatives to precision rail guides from manufacturers such as: SKF®, THK®, Schneeberger® etc.? The table below can help you quickly find a suitable model. We offer both GMT linear guide rails and Hönger® linear guide rails.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Comparison table with identical or similar products from different manufacturers​​​​​​
GMTHönger®SKF® PM®NB®Schneeberger®THK®Dw (mm)H (mm)T (mm)L (mm)Stroke (mm)Cdyn (N)Cstat (N)
GRV01-20R 1-020LWR1-20-5RSD-1520x4KZRSV 1020-5ZR 1-020R1-20-51,58,542013625720
GRV01-30R 1-030LWR1-30-7RSD-1530x6KZRSV 1030-7ZR 1-030R1-30-71,58,5430218751008
GRV01-40R 1-040LWR1-40-10RSD-1540x8KZRSV 1040-10ZR 1-040R1-40-101,58,54402911251296
GRV01-50R 1-050LWR1-50-13RSD-1550x10KZRSV 1050-13ZR 1-050R1-50-131,58,54503713751584
GRV01-60R 1-060LWR1-60-16RSD-1560x13KZRSV 1060-16ZR 1-060R1-60-161,58,54604516251872
GRV01-70R 1-070LWR1-70-19RSD-1570x15KZRSV 1070-19ZR 1-070R1-70-191,58,54705318752160
GRV01-80R 1-080LWR1-80-21RSD-1580x17KZRSV 1080-21ZR 1-080R1-80-211,58,54806121252448
GRV02-30R 2-030LWR2-30-5RSD-2030x5AASV 2030-5ZR 2-030R2-30-52126302411951460
GRV02-45R 2-045LWR2-45-8RSD-2045x8AASV 2045-8ZR 2-045R2-45-82126453019122336
GRV02-60R 2-060LWR2-60-11RSD-2060x11AASV 2060-11ZR 2-060R2-60-112126604423902920
GRV02-75R 2-075LWR2-75-13RSD-2075x13AASV 2075-13ZR 2-075R2-75-132126755828683504
GRV02-90R 2-090LWR2-90-16RSD-2090x16AASV 2090-16ZR 2-090R2-90-162126907233464088
GRV02-105R 2-105LWR2-105-18RSD-2105x16AASV 2105-18ZR 2-105R2-105-1821261058638244672
GRV02-120R 2-120LWR2-120-21
SV 2120-21ZR 2-120R2-120-21212612010043025256
LWR2-135-23RSD-2135x23AASV 2135-23ZR 2-135R2-135-23212613510650196132
GRV02-150R 2-150LWR2-150-26
SV 2150-26ZR 2-150R2-150-26212615012054976716
GRV02-165R 2-165LWR2-165-29RSD-2165x29AASV 2165-29ZR 2-165R2-165-29212616513459757300
GRV02-180R 2-180LWR2-180-32
SV 2180-32ZR 2-180R2-180-32212618014864537884
GRV03-50R 3-050LWR3-50-7RSD-3050x7AASV 3050-7ZR 3-050R3-50-73188503444665327
GRV03-75R 3-075LWR3-75-10
SV 3075-10ZR 3-075R3-75-103188755463807610
GRV03-100R 3-100LWR3-100-14RSD-3100x14AASV 3100-14ZR 3-100R3-100-1431881007482949893
GRV03-125R 3-125LWR3-125-17
SV 3125-17ZR 3-125R3-125-173188125104957011415
GRV03-150R 3-150LWR3-150-21RSD-3150x21AASV 3150-21ZR 3-150R3-150-2131881501241148413698
GRV03-175R 3-175LWR3-175-24
SV 3175-24ZR 3-175R3-175-2431881751441339815981
GRV03-200R 3-200LWR3-200-28RSD-3200x28AASV 3200-28ZR 3-200R3-200-2831882001641531218264
GRV03-225R 3-225LWR3-225-31
SV 3225-31ZR 3-225R3-225-3131882251841722620547
GRV03-250R 3-250LWR3-250-35RSD-3250x35AASV 3250-35ZR 3-250R3-250-3531882502041914022830
GRV03-275R 3-275LWR3-275-38
SV 3275-38ZR 3-275R3-275-3831882752242105425113
GRV03-300R 3-300LWR3-300-42RSD-3300x42AASV 3300-42ZR 3-300R3-300-4231883002442296827396
GRV06-100R 6-100LWR6-100-7RSD-6100x8AASV 6100-8ZR 6-100R6-100-763115100801799018424
GRV06-150R 6-150LWR6-150-10
SV 6150-12ZR 6-150R6-150-10631151501082827028952
GRV06-200R 6-200LWR6-200-13RSD-6200x15AASV 6200-16ZR 6-200R6-200-13631152001543598036848
GRV06-250R 6-250LWR6-250-17
SV 6250-20ZR 6-250R6-250-17631152502004369044744
GRV06-300R 6-300LWR6-300-20RSD-6300x23AASV 6300-24ZR 6-300R6-300-20631153002465140052640
GRV06-350R 6-350LWR6-350-24
SV 6350-28ZR 6-350R6-350-24631153502746168063168
GRV06-400R 6-400LWR6-400-27RSD-6400x30AASV 6400-32ZR 6-400R6-400-27631154003206939071064
GRV06-450R 6-450LWR6-450-31
SV 6450-36ZR 6-450R6-450-31631154503667710078960
GRV06-500R 6-500LWR6-500-34RSD-6500x38AASV 6500-40ZR 6-500R6-500-34631155004128481086856
GRV06-600R 6-600LWR6-600-41
SV 6600-49ZR 6-600R6-600-4163115600486102800105280

The specifications in the table above are taken from GMT's product description. Small deviations for products from other brands are possible. Please refer yourself to each manufacturer's catalog tables. This table is intended to help you find alternative products from different manufacturers and not to compare product quality or product performance.

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