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Hönger Rail de guidage linéaire

High-quality single rail guides from Hönger
High-precision linear guide rails made of bearing steel or, as option RF, in high-quality stainless steel. Hardened and precisely ground. Available in 4 types and various cross-sections and lengths in standard quality, with easy mounting from both sides. Rail guides with the quality classes SQ and SSQ on request.

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Type R
Hönger Linear Rail Type R

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1 x linear rail

Standard rail for  ball cage GB (bronze) or roller cages GR (steel), GRP (POM)

More details

4 Cross-sectional sizes:

R 1: 3.9 x 4 mm
Set: 8.5 x 4 mm
Lengths: 20 - 120 mm

R 2: 5.5 x 6 mm
Set: 12 x 6 mm
Lengths: 20 - 180 mm

R 3: 8.2 x 8 mm
Set: 18 x 8 mm
Lengths: 50 - 400 mm

R 6: 13.9 x 15 mm
Set: 31 x 15 mm
Lengths: 150 - 1000 mm

Type RN
Hönger Linear Rail Type RN

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1 x linear rail

Same external dimensions as type R, higher load rating through the use of KBN or KBS cages (with forced cage control)

More details

3 Cross-sectional sizes:

RN 3: 8.7 x 8 mm
Set: 18 x 8 mm
Lengths: 50 - 300 mm

RN 4: 10.5 x 11 mm
Set: 22 x 11 mm
Lengths: 80 - 400 mm

RN 6: 14.8 x 15 mm
Set: 31 x 15 mm
Lengths: 100 - 500 mm

Type RNG
Hönger Linear Rail Type RNG

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1 x linear rail

The same internal dimensions and load ratings as Type RN but with smaller external dimensions.

More details

2 Cross-sectional sizes:

RNG 4: 9 x 9 mm
Set: 19 x 9 mm
Lengths: 50 - 300 mm

RNG 6: 12 x 12 mm
Set: 25 x 12 mm
Lengths: 100 - 400 mm

Type RD
Hönger Linear Rail Type RD

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1 x linear rail

Wide version of Type R

More details

3 Cross-sectional sizes:

RD 1: 12.5 x 4 mm
Set: 22 x 4 mm
Lengths: 100 - 200 mm

RD 2: 17 x 6 mm
Set: 30 x 6 mm
Lengths: 200 - 400 mm

RD 3: 26.6 x 8 mm
Set: 46 x 8 mm
Lengths: 300 - 800 mm

Stainless Steel
Special quality (on request)
Super special quality (on request)
Ground inlets (on request)
Ground together (in several parts within 2 mcr) (on request)
Height-adjusted (in sets within 10 mcr) (on request)
Forced cage control (for type RN / RNG) (on request)
Quality Comparison of Hönger Linear Guide Rails
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Ball Type Rotating Unit SK
Hönger Ball type Rotating Unit SK

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In combination with our linear guide rails for an unlimited displacement path for small to medium loads.
  • Recirculating unit type SK, ball type: 2 sizes SK1 and SK2
  • Can be combined with type R and type RD rail guides
  • Very smooth running
GMT Ball and Cross Roller Type Retainer
GMT Retainer, Ball Type and Cross Roller Type, combinable with Hönger Linear Rail Type R and Type RD
Ball type (bronze)
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Roller type (steel)
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Roller type (POM)
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  • Available in different ball / roller sizes
  • Can be combined with the Hönger linear rail guides Type R and Type RD

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