Flexible Jaw Coupling  

  • Press-in type of the PU insert; select hardness through Polyurethane to make difference of vibration absorbability technically.
  • Press-in type applied in low torque makes zero backlash, and equipped with good adjustment of vibration absorbability as well.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Offset of angular, parallel, or axial deviation are individual allowed value, so couple reasons of axial offset appearing at same time would reduce the unit allowable value.
Aluminum main frame - PU spider - Set screw

Aluminum main frame - PU spider - Set screw - Key way fixing
Aluminum main frame - PU spider - Clamping screw

Aluminum main frame - PU spider - Clamping screw  - Key way fixing
Aluminum main frame- PU spider - Zero backlash type (For spindle use)
Mid-carbon steel main frame - PU spider - Zero backlash type (For spindle use)
FACE (XXL )​​​
Aluminum main frame - PU spider - Clamping screw (For Large shaft use)

Coupling Selection & Character Comparison

Jaw Spider Material Comparison

  • Spider are available used for set screw type and clamping type.
  • Larger hardness has better sensibility in angular transmission. Smaller hardness has better vibration absorbability.
  • Additional remark of installation of flexible couplings integrated with Jaw spiders: Flexible couplings (integrated with Jaw spiders), model number FAME, FAMK, FACE, FACK series need to reserve “C” dimension while assembling.
  • This would ensure coupling the function and usage life of Jaw spiders, as well as keeping isolation feature of the coupling.

Urethane (PU)

PU glue is also called polyurethane
Polyurethane application is kind of flexible polymer, used as elastic resilience and damping in shock absorber. Generally, polyurethane suits for terrains with collision from small to medium level most, and adjustable polyurethane makes perfect effect. Urethane glue is water-resistant, abrasion-resist, high mechanism strength, and product hardness adjusted by purposes, high elasticity, good shock absorbability, no hurting machine tools, an excellent anti-collision material.

Character chart for PU

Specific gravity: 1.11 ~ 1.24
Thermal distortion temperature: Softening point
Flammability: Flammable
  • Good abrasion-resistance
  • Climate-resistant and low temperature-resistant (-35°c ~ 50°c)
  • Anti-oxygen, ozone aging characters
  • Good tensile rate of bending strength
  • Adjustable toughness
  • Softness in low level, easily stuck while demolding and shrink.
  • Long dried time for materials

Remark of plastic spacer corresponding to environment temperature

Plastic spacer series include rubber or plastic parts. These model must be used in operating temperature range indicated on our catalogs. If temperature over 30°c, max- torque and allowable torque shall be corrected by factors as listed below.

Environment temperature (°c)

Corrective factor

-20  ~  30


30  ~  40


40  ~  60


60  ~ 100


Chargement en cours
Chargement en cours

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